Trend analysis

The trend is very important indeciding direction. If the trend is down then chances are it’s going to continue going down. Especially if the background shows that a big high velocity and high volume drop came from a high. And/or if it broke a rising trendline with volume, especially if price was weak and didn’t touch the top line of that rising channel, it’s probably going down.

If it shows very strong SOS at the bottom of the swing then it may rebound or turn around, but if it’s only the first major leg down, it probably will continue down past the SOS area eventually after a rally up. If it’s the second leg down and the volume is very high on the initial downmoves, it’s probably going down for a third leg.

If volume of a rally heading back up toward the upper trendline resistance is low compared to the rest of the pattern, it is probably heading back down again to test or break the previous low.


I need to be way more cautious during periods of btc uncertainty like during the runup to 20k. Risk no more than 10%

When bitcoin looks ready to move, close out of some or all of your altcoin positions. They will generally not go up with bitcoin


Selecting stocks that gap or move up quickly and are basing

When choosing a stock that had shot up, perhaps try to pick one where price is further south of its high point so it has farther to go before it reaches resistance. More room to move equals higher returns.


No demands and uptrends

Don’t sell just because you see no demands pushing up against a trigger point. It could also be signaling no supply coming and often occurs right before a big move (I.e SGMS around 9/18/17 and GLD in September 2017)


*Take what the chart gives you

Using the big picture, take what the chart gives you. You want a good VSA signal in the direction of the trend, and without any limiting possibilities from other disciplines you’ve learned.

If there isn’t a chart that gives you that, don’t take any trades.


Secondary offerings

Secondary offerings have gotten me at least two times for 10% losses or more.

They have been happening in stocks that had been in bear markets for many years like coal and steel. 

I really need to be wary of these stocks in the future. If they have flashed signs of weakness such as a high volume peak in the past and a recent very high volume up day, these are pretty clear signals that something fishy is about to happen in this stock. Get out while you can!