9/18/13 – More Market Crack

Ben Bernanke decided not to taper today causing a market ruckus at 2 vaulting the s&p from .3% in the red to 1.2% green. I got back into ANR and WLT, and also opened an $11k position in BTU in my dad’s account.

I got in because the price was flagging and used my usual entry points to get in. This time I got in WLT at 14.44 with 900 shares and ANR at 6.64 with 2200 shares. BTU was entered at 19.04 with 590 shares.

Bringing my ANR and WLT averages to:

ANR 3350 @ 6.45, stop 6.57

WLT 1301 @ 14.02, stop 14.27

BTU stop 18.90, which it closed under at 18.88, however with the sentiment of the market, I’m hoping it rises tomorrow, will watch closely on open.


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