Weeks of 11/26 – 12/13

Initiated Tuesday November 26th

WLT Buy: $13.86 Tuesday, Nov 26. Bought following a snapback rally after touching 3 month support level of 13.70 and the 62% fib line of multi-month upswing. Oversold daily stochastics.

WLT Sell: $15.30 Friday, Dec 6 after price broke support of 15.35. I was afraid of a close below the daily 50EMA, in which case I would fade short and hope for one of WLT’s classic reversals.

Initiated Friday December 6th

WLT Sold Short: $15.17 3:55pm, Friday, Dec 6 EOD following an inverted hammer formation and close under 50EMA. Also a snapback selloff after touching 32% fib line from November downswing.

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WLT Buy Cover: $15.32 10:55am, Monday, Dec 9 after priced retraced to descending trendline and bounced back above the 5min 50EMA. It scares the crap out of me to be short a stock with such high short %, cut your losses while they’re small.

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Initiated Monday December 9th

WLT Buy: $15.45 1:02pm Monday, Dec 9 following a retrace to the 200EMA on the 5 min chart and began a move toward 15.50, i figured it was time to pull the trigger on the potential elliot wave 3 forming on the 5min. (See 2nd chart below)

WLT Buy: $15.62 1:17pm Monday, Dec 9 after price broke previous day 15.60 consolidation.

WLT Sell: $16.07 7:45 Tuesday, Dec 10 after price broke the 40EMA on 5 min chart. Assure profits!


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