Options trickery?

I recently purchased uvxy shares for what I thought was a low risk entry above a falling support line that I thought might hold. However in two days I was down almost 8%, ridiculous-until the market reversed on day 2 and I returned to down 3%. The main reason I even considered the uvxy a good investment was because of the divergence between the iwm/qqq and the spy/dia. It just seemed off to me, and the fact that the iwm was bear flagging under the 200 day also fave me some extra conviction that more was coming. Plus Russia is always hanging around in the back up to no good.
I am seeing tweets about rising call volume on the vix tonight on stock twits. This brings me to a question: is this call volume actual smart money trying to hedge, or is it a ploy to deceive investors to skew their sentiment bearish as the bigs advance the market?
We’ll find out in the next few weeks.


One thought on “Options trickery?

  1. So far, vix has only gone down and so has UVXY, I am down over 12% now

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