Oil and Gas surges

Ok, I feel like i was resisting so hard. seadrill and chk are exploding upward. like 400%+ in the last week. And i felt at the time like it was time. I know i got that “feeling” just like i did with glencore. I think it was because of everything that was happening:

  1. the breaking out of oil and gas stocks from bases
  2. OPEC and russia talking
  3. People still expecting (including myself) prices to keep going down.

And heres the thing. At this point, prices still might come back down, I don’t know for sure yet. But this move has been monstrous and i feel like i’ve missed it.

Oh well, trade on. Trade by your rules.


This article is a good reflection of my thoughts. Perhaps this IS the time to load up on metals and commodity stocks (Basic Materials is needed as an engine to spur real growth in the global economy at this point in time)


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