News events and insiders

I was thinking about tenge concept of priced in events. 

For example: interest rate rise will cause banks to make more profit so bank stocks rise.

If the insiders know this and had a chance to accumulate at low prices, then prices move up and in the name of “pricing in” a future interest rate rise, then the insider have already made their money on that “pricing in” and when the actual event is announced by the fed, maybe this is just an opportunity by insider to sell into that mass buying pressure. 

Now if the up move is followed by volume, then more likely the move is genuine and everyone is now getting in on the party.


1/12/17 market view

IBB – I took a look at IBB this morning and there’s a lot of what looks like insider accumulation in this current huge congestion period. There have been several price bars with disproportionate volume indicating buying at the bottoms. And big spread up bars originating from the bottom have been accompanied by large volume spikes.