Research watchlist methodology

I should keep a smaller watchlist so I can watch more closely and have more capacity to be aware of the major indexes.

I think on the weekends I can spend time going though stocks that showed pocket pivots throughout the week, and that showed no supply tests while in a bull market, and then ones that showed no demand in a bear market or at market turns. 

Then I’ll pick a small watchlist of 30-50 stocks from there that showed the most promise based on a number of factors ( signs of strength weakness, quality of base, quality of fundamentals, beta, quality of breakout, moving average position, new highs etc. 

I’ll keep that running list of 50 max stocks and curate it each weekend to include the new better stocks and remove the ones that are extended or failed. I should try to be a bit diverse too in the industries I include.

As a part of my weekend research I should always research the major ETFs like UNG, USO, IBB, CAF, GLD etc for changes in industry direction.


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